Sunday, January 1, 2017

Making a life

Today is the Solemnity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God. It's also the beginning of a new year so it's really the perfect time to take a few moments and reflect. It's especially important for me - time seems to be moving so quickly's essential that I not just let moments pass.

I think today being a Marian day is perfect because the last 40+ hours have been full of what makes a and friends and faith. The Blessed Mother was part of the holiest of all families and her faith never wavered. The Visitation, The Wedding Feast at Cana...she also knew about the importance of friends and family (and a good celebration!).

I know Our Lady has a special hand in connecting our family with another that has become family in its own right over the last many years. Their yearly visit is a much-awaited respite from the daily trials...time to just sit and watch our blessings together (I told you The Visitation always brings this wonderful mother to mind. I am blessed to call her friend).

why, yes, he is the cutest little boy...ever (especially since when he says "zoo" it sounds just like my name 😍)

Mass is always a respite in my life and Vigil last night was perfect. A devoutly Marian parish to bring in the Solemnity of Our Lady.

This afternoon was an extra treat to cherish Our Blessed Mother...the monthly gathering of the Children's Rosary group. It is such a gift to join with an amazing woman, with her children and grandchildren who have also become like family, lifting up our voices in prayer to she who can lead us promptly and directly to her Son.

Then, this evening, another family gathering. As the years pass, we have less of the previous generation to gather so tonight was so special to me. My Earthly mother and my second Earthly mother (my dear aunt), both such wonderful witnesses to my children of devotion and faith. I am so grateful for every new day we have to share with them.

As we go forward into this new year, there will be joys and trials. How good is Our God to allow us the Holy Spirit as a guide and Our Lady as a companion. May we constantly seek her aid in following the path to her Son.

Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, Pray for Us! We are blessed.

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