Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Yep, blessed

What a lovely day  ;0)

Mass with one of my favorite priests, who happened to skip the homily, allowing me to have enough time to... 

You know...I had the socks on!
Then home to my sweets...who "refused to start breakfast without" me and proceeded to shower me with beautifully (for people 11 and under) made cards, including one with an Elizabeth Barrett Browning poem (which made up for the "wow...48 already? " front cover. Lol) Little man said, "I have nothing to give you" /pout/. I reminded him he was a member of the 13 club and hugs are free ... all was well.

Dropped off our St. Lucy "cats" to some of our favorite people and dropped off the older two for Adoration (I can't imagine how bad #2 would be without it!) then home to change from gym rat to civilized person. 
Now I'm getting some help to look more like 45 and less than 55 and watching the snow fall.

Catechesis has been canceled! So, we wait for DH to arrive home safely, play in the snow, sit and drink a glass of wine while the kids and DH put the lights on the tree...our St. Lucia tradition. Pretty perfect birthday.
I'm an immensely blessed girl. All thanks to Him who abounds with love and mercy.

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