Wednesday, December 21, 2016

{pretty, funny, happy, real} Advent edition

Our Advent has been full of regular and irregular happenings. It's good that we're together to experience this blessed and crazy life.


Nothing much lovelier than a bunch of cheese and sourdough bread showing up on your birthday!

God's Majesty. The sunsets have been amazing lately.

After Catechesis, we visited the world's largest Jesse Tree. So cool.


DH's first oyster...the next two went down much more smoothly. Lol. Love him  :0)

Funny in an extremely gross sort of, "It's funny that anyone would make beer taste like this"

He's been really busy as of late. 


Nonstop building...this was St. John's. Holy Door on the front and back and cry room behind the altar.

Snow. Finally.


Wreaths at the cemetery have always been part of our Advent preparation. It's not bad to remember that after Christmas comes Easter. We all enjoy the Drew's hot cocoa warmup after ;0)

This is a photo from last week...the "real" is that the 4th candle is lit and you should be well into that quiet place of joyful waiting. Not there yet? Find a perpetual Adoration chapel and sign up for some late hour. I have midnight on the morning of Christmas Eve. Trust me, the grace is abundant and more than worth the loss of sleep.

My dear friend just sent this. Isn't it beautiful? We visited this grotto on Notre Dame's campus and, even if it's photo-shopped (I'm not sure it is), it's a wonderful reminder of Our Lady's intricate role in the events of Advent and Christmas. How grateful we should be, always, for her "yes". How blessed we are by her example of quiet humility and obedience to the will of God.

 Happy end of Advent, everyone. May God's light and peace be yours now and throughout the Christmas Season. 

We are blessed.

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