Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Just a quick shout out

In the midst of all this pilgrimage talk, I want to remind you that every day can be a pilgrimage! Or, failing that, it can be a time for rejoicing in God's goodness. Today was no exception.

I was on the trolley heading downtown so that I could, in person, speak with the keepers of the trolley system. Soon you will need to have a card to ride the trolley (that or pay lots more $) and so, being frequent riders, I tried to do what they suggested. It would seem, though, that the system isn't really set up for 6 riders on one account (I'm guessing they're more prepared, as they should be, for single commuters). After two weeks and several phone calls, it was decided that this was an issue that had to be handled in person.

So, off I went. My blessing of a mother's helper came in so handy today...there would have been no way to get everyone where they needed to be in the allotted time (believe it or not, I can actually move quickly when I am unburdened!). On the ride, a dear friend emailed to thank me for prayers and offerings recently. I assured her there are more coming...you see, I left myself exactly 17 minutes to walk 4+ blocks (including two pretty much uphill) to make Mass in time. It is my undergraduate university. I do enjoy frequenting there whenever possible and, since I was in the neighborhood...

It was windy and rainy as I started my ascent. See how good God is? More to offer for my friend! He is also very good at delaying time for me sometimes. Somehow I got to my destination with enough time to let my heart rate return to normal.

In case I had forgotten the goodness of God, the dear priest made it crystal in regards to the reading from Genesis today. "I always read, 'And God looked at it and saw that it was very good' and wonder, 'Good for who?'" He went on to say that God didn't need His creation but we see, on the 6th day, that all of these good things are for US...God is soooo good. All the time. Loving Father!

I left Mass and, while it wasn't suddenly a sunny day, the rain had stopped. I took the time to go visit the Lourdes Shrine, one of my favorite places, and ask Our Lady to watch over my sweet Bernadette.

It is one of my favorite places because, even in the midst of the city, God is there. Our Lady is waiting to greet you :0) Amidst the noise and bustle, a reminder of what is essential.

My appointment achieved success (I think) and the trolley was there when I walked up so, really, what an amazing day. Without the "inconvenience" of needing to head into town, I don't have the blessed experience of the Mass or the opportunity to lift up my difficulties for others. I am so grateful to God for His love and guidance...today and always.

We are blessed.

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