Tuesday, February 9, 2016


"St. Apollonia's helper" aka, me, was picking out a good holy card to include with the cash to exchange for #1's first molar (it happened in the middle of Latin yesterday but she didn't say anything because, "it wasn't a big enough deal to interrupt class." lol). I thought this was pretty good to pray over tomorrow and for the next 40 days.

 Lord Jesus, place Your words in my mouth that I may always proclaim Your Good News. Place Your song in my ears that my soul may dance. Place Your vision in my eyes that I may see Your Truth. Place Your thoughts in my mind that I may contemplate Your face day and night. Put Your strength in my shoulders that I may bear my crosses. Place Your diligence in my hands that I may always work to build Your Kingdom. Place Your courage in my steps that I may walk through dark valleys. Heighten my senses that I may long for the sweet bouquet of purity and taste and see the goodness of the Lord. Put Your love in my heart that I may magnify Your tenderness and compassion to all, even to those that seem unlovable. Put Your hunger in me that I may long for the Bread of Life. Place Your thirst in me that I may drink deep of Your cup. Robe me in Your nakedness that I may imitate Your humility. Share with me the isolation and rejection that You faced that I too may be a pilgrim longing for Your Temple. Help me to understand Your imprisonment that I may know Your freedom. Allow what You will in my illnesses that I may receive Your healing touch. Thank You for those who persecute, ridicule and despise me because of my love for You; may I return their evil with your goodness. Share Your abandonment with me that You may be my all. Amen.

Wishing all of you a fruitful and blessed Lent. As we travel these 40 days, may we cling most tightly to the Cross, so that He may walk beside us and see us to the glory of His Resurrection.

We are blessed.

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