Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Persevere in Prayer

For today's feast, we turned to the book of Sirach for the first reading:

Blessed the husband of a good wife, twice-lengthened are his days; A worthy wife brings joy to her husband, peaceful and full is his life. A good wife is a generous gift bestowed upon him who fears the Lord; Be he rich or poor, his heart is content, and a smile is ever on his face.
A gracious wife delights her husband, her thoughtfulness puts flesh on his bones; A gift from the Lord is her governed speech, and her firm virtue is of surpassing worth. Choicest of blessings is a modest wife, priceless her chaste soul. A holy and decent woman adds grace upon grace; indeed, no price is worthy of her temperate soul. Like the sun rising in the Lord’s heavens, the beauty of a virtuous wife is the radiance of her home.

Wow! Now, that's what I call a step-by-step list of how succeed as a wife. I think I need to print it out and read it daily. I love when scripture gives us, as women, something to emulate. Some days I just need a target for which to aim.

Good and faithful women, wives and otherwise, are such a blessing. Over the last two weeks, I have had a mighty struggle that I am sure I would have lost if not for the love and prayer of a few good women. I am so honored to call them my friends. I don't know about you but I can truly feel the depth of grace that comes from a good friend's prayer. It lifts me up and carries me to the next day (or hour or minute sometimes). How blessed I am.

So today, on the feast of St. Monica, I give thanks for the women who persevere in prayer, even when things seem bleak. Those who have time in their life to lift up a friend in need. I strive to be like these women because I know that God's good blessings are right around the corner and that these trials are part of what binds us together as friends.

Saint Monica, Pray for Us.

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  1. There are a few other Biblical passages about wives (for example, the women in Proverbs...can't remember which chapter) that you hear quoted a lot. But this one didn't strike me as familiar. I wonder why not?? Thanks for sharing, though - definitely something to aspire to.