Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May Photo-a-day

OK...totally ripped this off Crafty P but I think it's kind of cool. The idea is from fatmumslim and I see it as an awesome way to take a closer look at one thing a day (at least!). We'll see how I do. Check back for the updates. Clearly I have a few to catch up.

1. Peace

2. Skyline (Budapest, Hungary -2004)

 3. Something you wore today

4. fun! (with Uncle Dave)

7. Bird(s)

6. you (but younger!)

7. Someone that inspires you (every day)

8. A smell you adore

9. Something you do every day

10. A favorite word
(recently uttered by little miss C for the first time ;))


11. Kitchen
Sorry, have to skip this one. No one is going to see my kitchen in its current state :(

12. Something that makes you happy

13. Mum

15. Love

Baby Nino :)

16. What you're reading

Not a lot of concentration at 2 AM and it is set in Pittsburgh

17. Snack & 18. Something you made
Ascention Jello for snack day :)

 19. A favorite place
I love my house and all the stained glass windows

 20. Something you can't live without

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  1. sweet. I love documenting the every day. nice job, Mama Roc!